Sometimes you meet people and there’s an instant connection that feels like you’ve been friends for years. Rachel & Jeremy are such wonderful (and talented) people who I can now call friends and I’m stoked that I get to document their love for each other. Rachel is a singer/actress and Jeremy is a professional percussionist and they’re both ridiculous (in the best way). They gave me a mini concert in their apartment and it was unreal.. more on that later though. They met and live up in New York City, so what better place to run around and make photos than the place where they do life? We never ran out of things to talk about, from our shared intense love for good coffee to our musical obsessions, everything flowed from taking photos to getting to the next spot and it was pure magic. One final sidenote: Rachel is from St. Pete, so it was oddly hilarious that the marketing on the Subway was perfect for New York in the dead of Winter.

During dinner after our session that night I got a message from Southwest that my flight home the next morning was cancelled due to weather. There was blizzard coming. Without hesitation they offered to have me stay with them.

We hung out that next evening and made some photos in the snow, went to dinner at a tiny Mexican spot (I ate one of the biggest and most delicious burritos I’ve ever had — and I ate the whole thing — I still have dreams about it), and then went back to their place and exchanged music and stories, and played a little music together in their living room. Rachel sang an original song that she wrote and Jeremy played a few sections on his xylophone (yes, they have a xylophone in their living room) and my mind was blown.

It couldn’t have been any better.